Machine Gun App Reviews

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Horrible no shooting no action except if you like touching a red backdrop and hearing a gun sound gun sound and saying good job is okay

Spam or virus crap!

Don't download it!!!!


This is an OK app. I can fire, but ONLY if it doesnt get spammed with ads

This is a spam app

Downloaded this app and only got advertisements for other games and junk.

Doesn't work! (at least on iPhone 4S)

"Pull to fire"? Pull what?


Funny as freaking ever! Pretended to shoot my dad and he was like "what the heck!?!?!?!"

very good

Love it


Do not get this I would rather watch paint dry. worst so called ''APP'' ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT GET THIS u will regret it!! ):0

The stupid and dumbest app ever

I can't believe how did you make this STUPID app. I waste my time to download this and I late to school!



The game

The game is really bad! Its very boring and you dont have to do anything !!! Just press and shake ! BORING !!!


Good sounds but if u want a great gun app get gunapp it also has a funnies page with funny guns

This app is horibal!!!!!!!!

This app is haribal And I normaly love all apps Don't get it x(

:) :(

It kinda stupid cause it doesn't do anything really, it should have what the gun actually looks like, I mean sometimes it's fun cause me and my friends have like little pretend wars with then but it gets really boring, good thing it's free

Bad game

I look for good games and bad ones to get rid of this game is horrible me and my company think!never by it.


Don't get it 

Bull crap

This suks. All I hav to say.

Fu k en s h I t y


Don't even bother!

Horrible! If you're going to, get gun app.

Piece of craap

Try it you'll hate it my mom tried it she said"piece of sh**

Don't waste your time!

Unless your interested in doing surveys and looking at ads this app does very little for the space it takes up on your iPhone. Once the app is activated you get a screen that says "loading firing rounds", which then goes to a "touch to reload first"s screen, after you to do that you get a screen that says "ready to fire! - pull to fire. At that point you shake the phone to get the phone to shoot. You don't have any control of it. It just get a sound effect of a gun firing several rounds and then you have to "reload again' by touching it. And that's it. In my opinion it's not worth the time it takes to down load it, and then delete it. Your opinion may be different.

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